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How to Shop for Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

Weight loss surgery is quickly growing as an effective long-term treatment for obesity. Medical tourism to Mexico is also booming, providing an affordable alternative to the high healthcare costs in the US and the long wait times in Canada. To take advantage of this opportunity, you just have to make sure to hook up with the right company.

Is the company that you are looking at for weight loss surgery simply:

  • a name
  • a website
  • a virtual PO box

or is it a REAL bariatric company with REAL results?

How to Find Safe Bariatric Surgery in Mexico?

While you search for bariatric surgery in Mexico, complete transparency should be at the top of your requirement list. Full disclosure can literally be the difference between success and failure. As a customer, you need to realize that you are in charge. Bariatric surgery is a major procedure, and you need to be in control of every aspect of it.

Who is Really Behind the Bariatric Company Name Website?

As you do research, these are the questions you must ask yourself:

  • How long have they been in business, and how long will they stay in business?
  • How do you know it is a legitimate company, and how do they convey its legitimacy?
  • Are they just a website with no backend staff and no support?

Find Trusted Bariatric Center

Although reviews, testimonials, and communication are important – what is even more important is:

  • Are they recognized by the Better Business Bureau?
  • Do they have a surgeon liaison and patient coordinator to guide you through each step?
  • Will you have one one-on-one nutritionist or dietitian support?
  • Does the company have a physical office, headquarters, and PO box?
  • Do the doctors performing surgery have general surgeon credentials and board certification?
  • Is it a U.S.-based company that follows strict regulations and guidelines?

You must ask yourself – what is being traded off at a low price?

Typically, the lower the price, the less supporting staff they have to help you. And the less surgeon experience and lower-grade equipment used. In many cases, inexperienced surgeons want to use your body to gain experience.

There is a reason prices are the way they are, and typically it’s the QUALITY, and RESULTS are the trade-offs for a cheaper price.

Don’t let the price and a list of promises cloud your judgment. Knowing who is on the other side of the phone is more important than “guaranteed” expectations.

 Steps to Ensure That You Do Not End Up with the Wrong Company:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and make sure you fully understand everything before making your decision
  • Do your research, ask around, and dig deep online
  • Stay in control and make the decision that you feel the most comfortable with

Mexico Bariatric Center®

Even though we want you to be our customer, we care more about your safety and the success of your surgery. Mexico Bariatric Center has been in business for 10 years, having over 10,000 bariatric surgeries. We have high satisfaction rates with extremely low complication rates. We have seen the bariatric companies come and go, provide poor-quality surgery, and not be there when patients need after-surgery support. Many of our customers come to us after this has happened to them.

Mexico Bariatric Center

What You Need to Know About Us

  • Mexico Bariatric Center provides the best price for the highest quality weight loss procedures
  • We have the best surgeons for an incomparable price and high-quality surgery – experienced, extensively trained, board-certified bariatric surgeons
  • We offer the same price as companies with little experience and non-certified surgeons
  • We offer full disclosure and transparency to our patients
  • You can contact us at any time with any question, and we will always be there to help, no matter what circumstance


Mexico Bariatric Center is a customer-oriented and dedicated bariatric company. We are here to change your life, health, and happiness.

Feeling safe and confident in your decision is key when shopping for bariatric surgery in Mexico.

Whatever it takes, we are here for you.

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