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Surgical Treatment of Obesity – Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

Obesity is a worldwide problem that can reduce the quality of life and even shorten it. The research study shows that obesity surgery is a viable option for people to lose more weight. Bariatric surgery patients show higher levels of satiety, increased energy level, reduced appetite, and a preference for less fatty food. Diet and exercise after surgery help patients achieve better blood glucose levels.

Mexico Bariatric Center® is making this option available to patients in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. Patients can take advantage of all-inclusive packages with high-caliber weight loss surgeons in Tijuana, Mexico.

Laparoscopic Lap-Band Surgery

Lap-band (gastric banding) surgery is a procedure of using a band to restrict the part of the stomach. This allows for a smaller amount of food to go. The band can be adjusted as needed and can be removed when the ultimate weight goal has been achieved.

The gastric banding surgery is relatively short and most patients go through it very well. However, the patients may develop complications later on, such as intolerance to the band, slipped band and band grown to the stomach, etc.

Laparoscopic Sleeve Surgery

bougie gastric sleeveVertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) surgery is a restrictive minimally invasive procedure. The surgeon takes out about 85% of the stomach and makes the stomach in the shape of a banana. This results in a reduction in hunger and the amount of food intake. This is procedure is rather newer and simpler and has shown great success for patients.

Gastric sleeve is a durable treatment for obesity and its associated diseases, such as diabetes II, high blood pressure, gout, sleep apnea, heart disease, and many more. Like gastric bypass, gastric sleeve shifts the body’s metabolic set-point to a new low and renews a patient’s life.

Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery

The RNY gastric bypass surgery is a restrictive and malabsorptive procedure. The surgeon divides the stomach into two parts and creates a shortcut between the upper stomach and the lower intestine. This results in fewer calories absorbed upon digestion. It also reduces the amount of food taken into the body.

RNY typically results in dramatic weight loss for those that elect this procedure. This procedure is more intrusive than gastric sleeve and is good for patients with a slow metabolism.

Mini Gastric Bypass (MGB) is gaining in popularity and is similar to RNY Gastric Bypass with one anatomist vs two. This is a viable option for patients with previous unsuccessful sleeve surgery.

What to Expect After Surgery

Regardless of the type of surgery, here are the adjustments you need to do:

  • Eat raw nuts, fruit, and vegetable daily
  • Reduce sweetened food, junk food, starchy vegetables & grains, dairy, meat, refined oil, and salt
  • Be active (walk, exercise, etc.)

Adult Obesity Rates in Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray and Northern Albertans have a higher percentage of overweight and obese adults than the province of Alberta and national averages. Overweight and obese males are more common than females. The study shows approximately 70% of adults in the north zone are overweight. Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) covers gastric banding, vertical sleeve gastrectomy, and RNY gastric bypass for patients with a BMI of more than 40 (over 35 with comorbidities).

Unfortunately, the wait time for these surgeries is around 7 to 10 years. Patients who don’t qualify to get these services free of charge or do not want to wait for a long time have the following option:

  • Spend only 5,000 to get weight loss surgery through Mexico Bariatric Center with top bariatric surgeons and a solid track record

About Fort McMurray

Center of Canada’s oil boom, Fort McMurray is a Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo located in the northeast of Alberta. Nestled in the Boreal forest, Fort McMurray is in the middle of the Athabasca oil sands or tar sands (large deposits of bitumen or extremely heavy crude oil). The decline in oil prices in this blue-collar community has caused layoffs and has decreased investment. A plan to construct a new $20 billion oilsands mine has the potential to boost Fort McMurray’s ailing economy.

Syne Park

The Syncrude mine, covering 140,000 km2 (54,000 sq mi), is the largest mine in the world. Opened in 1978, this mine can be seen at the syncrude giants of mining with its bucket wheels only 35 minutes north of Fort McMurray downtown.

Fort McMurray has an estimated permanent population of about 73,500 (2016-2017) and is not far off from the pre-fire population of 82,000 (2015). The city has a transient worker population of more than 43,000 (2015).

The sky in Fort Mcmurray is amazing and the Aurora Borealis or northern lights are fascinating. The Surekha’s on the Snye on the Clearwater River is a nice park to hang out with family and eat at the restaurant.

With severe winters, Fort McMurray has a borderline subarctic climate. Like Calgary, Fort McMurray also gets chinook winds for periods of warming during the winter. The summers are only three months with an average temperature of higher than 50 °F.

A severe wildfire began southwest of Fort McMurray, on May 1, 2016. The fire swept through the community on May 3, forcing the largest wildfire evacuation (of 88,000 people) in Alberta’s history. After burning 1,500,000 acres and destroying almost 2,400 homes & buildings, the fire was declared to be contained on July 5, 2016.

Wood Buffalo Primary Care Network (WBPCN)

Wood Buffalo Primary Care Network is one of the first Primary Care Network, or PCN, formed in Alberta (2006). WBPCN is a collaborative team of health care providers led by a group of Family Physicians to develop and deliver comprehensive chronic disease management and preventative care programs for local residents.

Fort Mcmurray Airport


Fort Mcmurray Airport


Fort Mcmurray Airport

About Mexico Bariatric Center

MBC Air Canada Fort McMurray

The increased need for obesity treatment and inadequate resources in Alberta has caused rising interest in patients going over the border. Mexico Bariatric Center® (MBC) is one of the top coordinating companies for obesity surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. MBC’s surgical teams have over 20 years of experience with over 13,000 surgeries performed collectively. Mexico Bariatric Center has helped hundreds of patients with obesity problems get quality and affordable weight loss surgery.

Mexico Bariatric Center is at the forefront of educating patients with obesity – check out the MBC bariatric surgery source. MBC has made the qualification for this surgery as easy as 1-2-3 without a barrier.

MBC’s Fort Mcmurray Seminar 2018

Mexico Bariatric Center offers affordable weight loss surgery without compromising quality in Mexico. Dedicated bariatric surgeons, top-rated facilities, nutritional support, complete aftercare, and all-inclusive surgery packages are offered in the Mexican cities of Tijuana as well as Guadalajara.

MBC surgeons are capable of handling gastric sleeve (BMI of over 30 to 90), single incision sleeve, RNY gastric bypass, mini bypass, duodenal switch (also single-anastomosis duodenal switch), gastric balloon, and any type of revisional/reversal surgery.

All-Inclusive MBC Bariatric Packages (not including airfares)

Private Transportation (Inbound, In-Town, Outbound)
Pre-Op Tests (EKG & Blood Test)
Post-Operative Medications
Post-Operative Test (3 Leak Tests & Drain)
Certified Dedicated Bariatric Hospital
Skilled & Experienced Surgeons
Certified & Dedicated Bariatric Surgeons
Team of Surgeons Team of 4 Surgeons
Limited Number of Surgeries per Surgeon per Day 3 Surgeries
Close to Zero Complication Rate 0.05%
Hospital Stay 2 (sleeve), 3 (Bypass) Nights
Hotel Stay 4-Star, 2 Nights
Hotel (Not Recovery House)
Follow-up Aftercare
Surgeon Liasion
Nutritionist Consultation (Pre-Op)
Nutritionist Consultation (Post-Op)
Companion at no Charge
Tour of Tijuana
U.S. (California) Corporation
BBB Member
Medical Tourism Association Member & Certification
10+ Years in Medical Tourism
Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy From $4,395
RNY Gastric Bypass From $5,795

What Makes MBC a Top Medical Tourism Choice10-year-celebration (1)

  • Highly reliable and affordable all-inclusive packages
  • Operating in Tijuana, Mexico with Advanced Medical Centers and Proximity to U.S. Border
  • Hundreds of patients have achieved weight loss success
  • Dedicated Surgeon Liaison to Help Patients Go Through Weight Loss Successfully
  • Dedicated Nutrition & Aftercare Personnel to Help Patients Achieve Weight Loss Success
  • Bi-Monthly Bariatric Seminars in Canada
  • Monthly Webinars for pre-surgery diet and post-surgery aftercare
  • Facebook support group with thousands of successful bariatric patients
  • A+ Member of U.S. Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Certified by Medical Tourism Association and also a Member
  • Experienced, young bariatric surgeons
  • Limited Number of Surgeries Per Weight Loss Surgeon Per Day
  • Specialized Bariatric Hospital
  • Management with over 10 years of experience in Bariatric Medical Tourism

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