Mexico Weight Loss Surgeons in Tijuana

Treat Obesity with Reliable, Affordable Bariatric Procedures in Tijuana, Mexico

Since 2012, Mexico Bariatric Center (MBC) has helped expand global healthcare options for individuals in Canada looking for affordable weight loss surgery without the wait. MBC’s founder, Dr. Ron Elli, has established a network of physicians in Mexico for over 10 years. Mexico Bariatric Center handpicks top surgeons with its incredible rigorous standards. MBC works with Mexican surgeons that are certified, highly skilled & experienced, capable of doing all type of metabolic and bariatric surgery procedures. MBC’s surgical team has well over 10 years of experience with over 10,000 surgery performed to-date (2017).

Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela

Louisiana Valenzuela Sanchez, M.D. is a renown surgeon in the bariatric medical tourism industry. As a chief surgeon, she has been working exclusively with MBC since 2012. After working as a general surgeon, Dr. Valenzuela got extensive training in weight loss surgery and has been a dedicated bariatric & metabolic surgeon since 2009.

Dr. Valenzuela is in the forefront of the bariatrics and is attending National and International seminars and congresses to broaden her knowledge and education in her field. She has traveled numerous times to Canada to educate Canadian about the treatment of obesity and getting this life-changing surgery in Mexico. Read more …

Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela specializes in Laparoscopic Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, RNY Gastric Bypass, Gastric Mini-Bypass and has performed over 3,500 bariatric surgeries with close to zero complication and successful outcomes. She is also a bariatric patient herself as she got her gastric sleeve in Dec of 2016 by MBC surgeons.