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Choosing a weight loss plan that will work can be more than challenging.Collage_of_Tourist_Spots_in_Hamilton_Ontario_Canada-210x300 Individuals that are overweight face many health risks including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and much more. In fact, obesity is the cause of 1 out of 10 adult premature deaths in Canadians. Also, according to the Canada Medical Association Journal, over 20% of all Ontario adults have a body mass index of over 30.

Many people try all of the traditional methods of losing weight without success and then turn to metabolic and bariatric surgery as an answer. Weight loss programs can help some people to find their way to a healthy weight and put them in the best direction for success. The decision of which type of weight loss surgery is best will need to be made.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery (Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy)

Sleeve gastrectomy, otherwise known as the gastric sleeve is a restrictive weight loss procedure. Gastric sleeve is performed by removing as much as 85% of a patient’s stomach, leaving 3.5 to 4 oz. stomach capacity behind. Many surgeons prefer gastric sleeve to gastric banding and gastric bypass for a few simple reasons.

Reasons Gastric Sleeve is Superior

  • Low complication rates(minimally invasive) similar to gastric bypass. While a recent study reports 33% of gastric banding patients will revise their surgery.
  • High Expected Weight Loss, similar to Gastric Bypass.

Gastric Banding Surgery (Lap-Band)

Considered to be a less permanent surgery than some of the others, gastric bypass surgery is very popular. During the procedure, the surgeon will use a synthetic band to divide the stomach into two pieces. This reduces the size of the stomach allowing for less food to be stored. It will provide the patient with the inability to overeat and help them to lose weight.

This procedure will also mean that the patient will need to be selective about what they put into their body to ensure they are getting proper nutrition as they are limited to the amount they can hold.

Who is a Candidate?

The candidate that will do the best with the gastric banding surgery will be one that is healthy enough to go through the surgery and that is not excessively obese. They should be prepared to make major changes in addition to the surgery to set their weight back in the right direction.

The individual should be ready to change their diet and exercise plan to be more fitting with their desired body weight. This can be very challenging and for some, it will take the help of a support group or system outside of the surgical team.

RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery (Roux-En-Y)

The gastric bypass surgery is more permanent and requires that the surgeon divide the stomach into two parts surgically. Additionally, the surgeon will connect a short cut between the upper stomach and the lower intestine. This will give food a direct line through the body allowing fewer calories to be absorbed in the body and less weight to be gained. The smaller stomach that has been created will also provide the individual with less space to store food making it less likely that they will overeat.

Who is a Candidate?

The gastric bypass surgery is well suited for adults that are very overweight and that have tried everything else to lose weight. In most cases, those that are at risk for severe illness would benefit from this surgery. They should be able to stand the surgery well and they should be ready to make major changes to their diet after completion of the surgery.

What to Expect After Surgery

Most people fair very well after these types of weight loss surgeries, but it is important to remember to watch for adverse effects such as infection or illness in the long term. The onset of high fever, redness to the area of the surgery or severe pain could be indicators of an infection. The patient will find that they will need to adjust to their suddenly smaller storage space for food. Making adjustments to their food choices is vital after the surgery.

If you are one of the 2 out of every 3 Canadians that is overweight you will want to meet with a professional to go over the details and options. You should meet with a professional in Hamilton weight loss surgery and go over what your chances of success are, what you can expect and what you have already tried.

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