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Best Reasons to Undergo Medical Tourism in Mexico

The abundance of pharmacies lining the Tijuana border is a testament to the number of tourists who travel to Mexico for heavily discounted prescription medications. Tourists are also increasingly heading to this country to undergo medical procedures ranging from cardiovascular to cosmetic surgeries. A recent report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) found that Americans spent $600 million on medical care outside the U.S. in 2009 alone.

There are a variety of reasons that Mexico is attracting medical service consumers. Some of the top reasons include the following:

  • Cost is the number one reason that fuels the popularity of medical tourism in this country. Medical procedures are offered at a significant discount (up to 50 percent savings) compared to those offered in the United States and other countries. Medical professionals across the border are paid far less for their expertise than those practicing in countries such as America. Malpractice premiums are more affordable for practitioners, as well, which factors into the savings equation.
  • Residents of nations with public health care services are sometimes required to wait for extended periods of time for medical procedures. Opting for low-cost, no-wait medical treatment from a country like Mexico is a welcome option for many healthcare consumers.
  • Many privately-owned medical facilities within Mexico boasting state-of-the-art facilities and accreditations similar to those within the U.S., including JCI, JCAHO, and ISO. Earning these accreditations require rigorous standards of care.
  • Another attraction for those seeking medical treatment within Mexico’s nation is the availability of procedures that have not yet been approved by other countries. Nations around the globe have numerous healthcare regulations as well as cultural acceptance of various healthcare practices. Mexico may be the avenue for some consumers to access specific medical procedures not available in their homeland.
  • Airfare and accommodations are more affordable than ever with Internet deals. Opting to undergo a medical procedure within Mexico’s gorgeous country offers tourists the opportunity to recuperate in luxury locales such as Cabo San Lucas or Cancun.
  • Many facilities offer longer hospital stays that are customary in American, Canadian, or British hospitals. These extended stays under medical supervision offer medical tourists peace of mind following recovery time. Private pay patients aren’t subject to the bureaucracy and standards outlined by insurance companies concerned with bottom dollar cost considerations.

These are the best reasons to consider undergoing medical tourism in Mexico. Affordable, high-quality health care can be obtained in this nation. Consider what this country has to offer consumers seeking top-notch medical services.

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