Former Patient of Mexico Bariatric Center and Mexico Cosmetic Center, Holly

Meet Gastric Sleeve Success Story, Holly!

Holly underwent gastric sleeve surgery in November of 2015 and then underwent cosmetic surgery with Mexico Cosmetic Center to create a new self. In total, Holly lost a total of 115 pounds as of July 22nd, 2017 and her only regret is that she didn’t make the decision sooner!

Keeping Active After Surgery

To keep active, Holly does hot yoga 3 times a week for 75 minutes and walks 6 kilometers a day. She also utilizes Mexico Bariatric Center’s nutritionist and support group to keep up on information needed to remain successful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Vitamins and Overall Health Since Surgery

Since undergoing surgery, Holly has kept up with taking her vitamins and does regular checkups to monitor her levels. Her levels have always come out normal since undergoing the gastric sleeve procedure.

Holly Shares Her Story in Calgary on July 22nd, 2017

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